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Loss Control and Safety Consulting

Video Library

General Safety

A1. Accidents: “It Can’t Happen to Me”
A2. What is Carelessness, Hand-Power Tool Safety, Occupational Health Issues
A3. Safety Housekeeping and Accident Prevention
A4. How to Prevent Slips and Falls
A5. Slips, Trips, and Falls
A6. Strategies for Staying Safe with J.J. Bittenbinder
A7. Terrorism – Awareness and Prevention (CD-ROM power point)
A8. Safer Journey – Pedestrian Safety

Management and Program Issues

B1. Accident Causes and Prevention
B2. Accident Investigation
B3. Safety Orientation
B4. Statewide Insurance Fund – Loss Control Orientation
B5. Employee Productivity
B6. Safety Responsibilities, Legal Responsibilities, Criminal Liabilities of Supervisors
B7. Office Safety
B8. Workplace Violence
B9. Playground Safety – Inspector’s Kit Use
B10. Ethics – Municipal Employee Training
B11. Statewide Insurance Fund Model Personnel Practices (CD-ROM)
B12. National Safety Council – 2010 Injury Facts (CD-ROM)

Property & Life Safety

C1. Electrical Safety
C2. Basic Electrical Safety in the Workplace
C3. Fire Prevention 2000
C4. Using Fire Extinguishers
C5. Fire Is…
C6. Fuego Es…
C7. Industrial Fire Protection
C8. Fire Sprinkler and Alarm Product Training

Construction Safety

D1. Back Hoe Safety and Operations
D2. Flagging Operations and Procedures
D3. Flagging Traffic
D4. Work Zone Safety
D5. Roadway Safety (CD-ROM)
D6. Contractor Beware – Underground and Overhead Utility Safety

Fleet Safety

E1. 5 Keys to Safe Driving
E2. Safe Operation of Motor Vehicles
E3. New Jersey DMV Resources (CD-ROM)
E4. Driving Safety
E5. Coaching the Van Driver
E6. National Safety Council Defensive Driver Course – DDC-6/8 (certified instructors only)
E7. Snow Plow Safety
E8. Median Barriers – A Solution to Cross Median Crashes
E9. Rumble Strips – A Sound Investment
E10. Highway Safety and Trees: The Delicate Balance
E11. What’s Driving You – Anger Management
E12. Boating Safety Course (CD-ROM)

Industrial Hygiene/Health

F1. Back Safety
F2. Material Handling Safety
F3. Employee Involvement in Ergonomics
F4. Office Ergonomics
F5. Fitness and Wellness
F6. Indoor Air Quality (CD-ROM)
F7. Safe Lab – School Chemistry Lab Safety Guide (CD-ROM)
F8. Make It Happen – NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities (CD-ROM)

Job Specific Videos

G1. Chain Saw Safety
G2. Welding Safety
G3. Gas Welding Safety
G4. Arc Welding Safety
G5. Machine Guarding Responsibilities
G6. Water/Sewer Treatment Plant Safety
G7. Ladder Safety
G8. Hand and Power Tool Safety
G9. Automotive Lift Safety

PEOSHA Regulatory Compliance

H1. Hazard Communication/Right to Know
H2. NJ RTK Quick Reference for Emergency Responders (CD-ROM)
H3. NJ RTK Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets (CD-ROM)
H4. Bloodborne Pathogens
H5. Lockout/Tagout
H6. Fire Extinguisher Training
H7. Confined Space Entry Awareness
H8. Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck
H9. Hearing Conservation and Safety
H10. Respiratory Protection and Safety
H11. Personal Protective Equipment